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 DIAMETER (mm)  MASS (kg/lm)  LENGHT in 1T (lm)
0,02  50000 
6  0,06  16667 
7  0,08  12500 
8  0,10  10000 
10  0,16  6250 
12  0,22  4545
14  0,31  3225 
16 0,40 2500
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N-Wax's orchard support structures are designed for seedlings in the linear system. They offer high strength and flexibility, thanks to which the supports can be used with one or more guide wires.

The supports are made of weather-resistant composite material on a fiberglass core. With a relatively small diameter, they can withstand high loads.

Orchard support structures sold by N-Wax provide:

- double the strength of steel

- resistance to moisture and atmospheric conditions

- resistance to fertilizers and plant protection products

- lightness and flexibility

Thanks to the use of top-class components and advanced technologies, the service life of N-Wax support structures can last up to 30 years, which allows for their multiple use.