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High-strength composite mesh is a new reinforcing element for construction work.

Fiberglass mesh consists of sturdy rods from 2 to 6 mm in diameter, bound in meshes from 50 to 200 mm, produced in widths of 500 and 1000 mm and can reach 50 metres in length. (in this length it is produced in rolls).

Composite fiberglass mesh is designed for use in concrete structures instead of traditional steel reinforcement.

PARAMETER STEEL REINFORCEMENT COMPOSITE REINFORCEMENT TENSILE STRENGTH (MPa) 360 1300 MODULE OF ELASTICITY (E) (MPa) 200,000 75,000 ELONGATION (%) 25 2,2 DENSITY (t/m3) 7,85 1,9 TEMPERATURE RANGE (°C) -60 to +200 -70 to +180 RESISTANCE TO AGGRESSIVE ENVIRONMENT corrodes does not occur THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY (Vt) 58 <1,0 CONDUCTIVITY conducts electricity it does not conduct electricity MAGNETIC FIELD interacts does not affect DIAMETER (mm) 6 to 80 6 to 40 LENGTH (m) 6 to 12 unrestricted LIFE CYCLE (years) 40 80
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