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Highly selected GREEN WAXES are used to ensure optimal storage conditions for the seedlings. A specially selected mixture of ingredients preserves, protects against fungi, bacteria and stimulates the growth of seedlings.


GREEN WAXES provided by N-Wax is a mixture of deeply refined micro waxes, polymers, and natural products. It is characterized by high elasticity and adhesion. The base components used are approved for contact with food products.


Parameter Test method Typically Minimum Maximum
Temperature of solidification (°C) PN-ISO 2207 65 65 68
Drop point temperature (°C) PN-ISO 6244 70 68 75
Kinematic viscosity in 100°C (mm2/s) PN-EN ISO 3104 10 10 14
Penetration in 25°C (1/mm) PN-C-04161 18 16 22
Oil content (% m/m)1* PN-C-04160 1 - 3
Flexibility 2* Own method Withsta. - -
Adhesion 2* Own method Withsta. - -
Color - Green - -


1* parameter determined before adding additives

2* own method

Green wax is used to protect vine plants, trees and shrubs against:

  • drying out during storage and transport,
  • mechanical damage during storage and transport,
  • access of moisture, bacteria and fungi,
  • high temperature and harmful UV radiation.
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